I used to be a fitness junky, the type to run 10km at least 4 times a week. Nowadays I kinda sit on the couch and watch other people train, hopefully next week I start my training programme. I need to have a six pack of sorts by Dec, somethings gotta give. Anyway that’s kinda the reason why I’m always in sportswear, I’m actually the most comfortable in sneakers and sweats. In the effort to make their brand more appealing to women, Puma brought in Rihanna as a Creative Director. My ‘bestie’ (lol) gave us Fenty, in this post in going to show you how I dress them up. I mean you can wear them casually but you can actually dare to be different and pair them with some formal items. 
1) Eskiva 

Eskiva’s are the first sneakers that Rihanna dropped. They aren’t made for training but I have attended a few kickboxing classes and they treated me well.

2) Creepers 

Rihanna went retro and gave us the thick soled creepers. I think these are my favourites mosty because I can stand on my tip toes with them. 

3) Fenty trainers 

These are actually very comfortable, my friend ran an entire 11km in them and she  had no complaints. I usually wear them with boyfriend jeans or shorts, but I suppose they could be worn with a lot more. Comfortable but not my favourite pair to dress up. PS bestie liked these photos on insta. 

4) Fenty Slides

These sold out like hot cakes, every female wanted them. I got my pair and decided to wear them to the club cause you know I like things. In retrospect it was a rather stupid idea cause everyone was stepping on my toes, agh and someone messed their drink on my shoes. Anyway I would probably do it again cause I don’t learn 😀

Tip: not everybody will like what you wear but dress the way that expresses you the best. X