So I nearly missed the opportunity to do the Lux campaign cause I have 6 million email addresses and the email was sent to the one I don’t have access to but ya’ll know how God works, if He wants you to do something you going to do it. So anyway long story short I ended up being apart of the team. The tour was is divided into three parts: fittings and arrival in Durban, the Vodacom Durban July event and the Lux Bold Tour Lunch.

The fitting 


 This is where I met two of my favourite human beings, KK and Jodene. They took such good care of us throughout the trip. I was the first to arrive at the fitting (imagine!! no wonder there was a cold front) , I fitted 3 dresses but I fell in love with my last choice which was the pink dress. I love simplicity, when too much is happening I just get super stressed so I went for the most simple dress I could find. Ps I hardly wear pink so you can only imagine what a risk I was taking. (PS I was fasting so like I tasted none of this godly food *rolls eyes*).



img_9307.jpgOf course everything I tried on had to pinned because nothing actually fits me, it’s always a struggle.


Friday midday we left for Durban, upon arrival there was Tom and Sox (photographer and videographer) waiting for us. Can you imagine walking through the airport with cameras clicking away, I wanted to dig myself into a hole (I’m just not use to having thaaaaat much attention on myself) but hey the idea was to be open minded and learn as much as I can from this experience. Durban weather was just so lavish, felt like summer. We didn’t even mind the humidity to be honest. Upon arrival at the hotel, we were whisked away to get our manis and pedis done before dinner





Dinner time gave us the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with everyone we would be working with and I’m so happy to say that I met some spectacular people on this tour.


It was such an unbelievable first day in Durban and it set such a lovely tone for the rest of the weekend. Nothing like working with a brand that is professional and respectful to the people they work with, anyway I’ll continue the rest of the story in part 2 and 3. X