So I’m on a flight, I’ve got time and I would like to address a topic that people frequently ask me about, I.e, modeling. I’m going to be brutally honest so that if you go forth, you know what’s in store for you.

I’ve always wanted to be a model, I mean which girl doesn’t like the idea of seeing herself walk down a ramp or in a magazine. Basically being paid to ‘look pretty’, hahaha if only that’s what modeling is. Anyway, while I was in varsity I went to an agency called Glamasphere and that became my first agency. I didn’t care to say the least, I attended one casting in 1 year so like I was never getting a job and ps I’m short compared to most models. I decided to drop Glamasphere as I had no interest in being there any longer. One day a friend (Lebo) and I were having lunch in Rosebank, she literally pushed me to walk into ICE and tell them I would like to be a model signed to their agency. Take into account ICE is one of SA best agencies so as usual I left room for disappointment, to my surprise ICE signed me and I was the shortest model on the board. Pushing limits is my thing, what do I have to lose?

Fast forward I get my first campaign and it’s Edgars, I mean hello mama I made it!!!! Until I started going to more castings and not booking jobs, now I’m just annoyed but lucky for me I’ve got school on the side so I know this is not where my bread is buttered. Anyway things pick up I start working, in the years I was with ICE I did Edgars, Legit, Nike, Adidas (Africa), Samsung, Nescafé, Hyundai, Etc etc. I had reached a point where I wanted to move from pretty model to edgy so I signed to Boss Models and well I work quite a lot for a shorty and I have anaward winning photographer such as Michael Myersveld choosing to shoot with me. I just told you that for flossing purposes lol (Google him, he is insane!!!!)

Right you know my story, I’ve been doing this 7 years now and it’s not easy. You must know that you going to be rejected so if you can’t handle rejection modeling isn’t for you. I love modeling because it’s my passion, I have this intense love for fashion. I’m going to be brutally honest, we all can’t be models and just cause you not a model it does not take anything away from your beauty, there are plenty of models who aren’t pleasant to look at but they have symmetrical features so they win. I mean height is not that big an issue but you can’t be 5’1 or 151 cm and expect to be doing Africa Fashion Week, not even I can do that unless a designer specifically requests me. Nobody likes anorexic but a model is built a certain way, you really can’t be big I’m sorry. I’m all about women accepting their bodies and being comfortable with it but not when it comes to modeling, you are a hanger and clothes need to sit a certain way. The pressures of being skinny exist and if you going to be a model you must know that, and accept it, it’s cut throat. Just because you are skinny and tall it does not mean you going to be the next Naomi Campbell. I know I sound like a bitch but trust me I am only preparing you for what lies ahead. Models are not agents, I as Iman Mkwanazi can’t get you a job. You need to go to an agency and speak to an agent and if they like you, they’ll sign you and if not try at another agency.

If you feel you want to be on tv but modeling agencies don’t want to sign you, explore the idea of being a character. There are plenty of character agencies in SA, specifically Johannesburg. Perhaps you have a beautiful voice, you could try yourself out with voice overs. Sometimes we want something so badly we miss the signs that it may not be for us, so we force situations. It’s not all glamour in modeling, there are so many times where you’ll have dry spells so make sure you have a plan B. If something is meant for you believe you me the only being that can come between that is God! Do not fall trap to ‘agents’ scouting you and wanting you to go their offices, please google everybody and make sure they are legit. Please take into account that I’m also just a model, so it’s not the constitution, this life thing is tricky. I’ll try to write more about modeling, tips for first timers but for now adios amigos!!! Xx

Agencies to look at:



Ice Models

Boss Models