Wow, im so obsessed with white tshirts and shirts. I don’t know what it is but they just make sense, also I’m lazy so they work if I have to change from an afternoon to an evening look. I think by now we know I’m all about simplicity, I like to keep it clean.

Perhaps in summer I might try a sleeveless white shirt who knows at this rate but you have to admit it’s hard to mess up a white shirt.


Some people have champagne money with coca-cola taste. Some people have coca-cola money with champagne taste.


This post is both for my people with the budget and those who are on a tight budget.

Images shot by: Cedric Nzaka

Jacket: Valentino , shirt: Mr Price, pants: Moschino Chic, sneakers by puma

So this look is slightly pricey cause sometimes you need to have good quality pieces and that’s costly. I believe that clothing, especially Italian and French, is an investment. You can also duplicate this look if you are on a budget with a high waist flair printed pants which can be bought from Mr Price, Legit, Edgars or Woolies. If you don’t have a demin jacket in your closet we need to talk! Your life is in shambles, kidding but denim jackets are an essential.

Shirt: Mr Price, jeans: Legit, boots cotton on.

This is what I call dress on a budget friends. I don’t think any of the items I’m wearing are over R400. You really don’t need to spend outrageous amounts to dress well. Know how to put your looks together without having to have them be from an expensive brand.

Tip: trends are great but don’t follow everything you see in a magazine, add individuality to your outfits. X