I really love fashion but I also love being comfortable, nothing worse than having a blast but every two seconds you are reminded of the pain of wearing an uncomfortable shoe. I actually came with a third pair of shoes to Oppi cause I was afraid my Hunter Boots would be heavy, boy was I wrong. I’m never worn a more comfortable and lighter boot, I don’t know there’s just something about the cushioning in the boot itself. I walked about 10km daily in both my boots and not once did I want to take them off even in the Northam heat. 

So the second day I decided to wear the red matte boots, p.s this was my favourite pair between the two boots I have. I decided to pair it with denim shorts and like I said I hate heavy unnecessary accessories so I used a scarf as a belt instead of an actual belt. I added an oversized denim shirt which I stole from my dad and a light vest. I love denim, I must do at least one denim look at any festival I go to cause it just makes sense. I think next time I’ll try a dress but we’ll have to see, I’m not your girliest of girls. 

Oppikoppie was a blast, I came back with hives and flu but it was so worth it, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in my life. 

Hair by: Candi & Co 

Boots: Hunter Boots

Photography: @__d_a_s_h__