On September 1st, I took a flight to New York City connecting through Atlanta, both were equally long flights so I needed a refresher of sorts during my trips. I love chewing gum, and Dentyne was there with me from the get go.

I packed three kinds of flavours on my trip – Dentyne Strawberry, Melon and Spearmint and I paired each flavour to the major events I was attending.

The first event I attended was Made in America, which is a festival held in Philadelphia. I went with the strawberry, as my taste buds were feeling rather festive. Party in my mouth, if you will. I attended a few castings with agencies in New York. Most days in the city were sweltering hot and I needed some fruity refreshment , so I went with the melon flavour; it just went with the mood I was in. I also wanted to match my gum with my bag and shoes – LOL, I know very girly of me.


The spearmint flavour was perfect for San Francisco, as I was in between meetings with some very important Levi’s executives. I definitely popped some Spearmint Dentyne to give me a boost of confidence before I met with Johnny Cheung (Head Designer at Levi’s) and Karyn Hillman (Chief Product Officer at Levi’s)! Knowing that your breathe and smile is fresh, means you speak freely, without having to worry about offending the person you are speaking to at close proximity.

The most important aspect of Dentyne gum for me is the fact that it is great tasting and also good for your teeth. This is because it is sugar free, consisting of Xylitol. Xylitol is proven to be beneficial for dental health, as it reduces cavities.

Yes, I have a sweet tooth, but with Dentyne I satisfy my cravings, while also taking care of my teeth. Some free advice, Dentyne is the way to go. Thanks for coming with me on my journey #DentyneSmile all the way J