I’m a shoes girl, I’m obsessed with shoes. I love my sneakers but I can also wear a pair of heels for 12 hours without flinching. 

If you’ve been following my blog you should know by now that I need simplicity, it’s very rare I go for any item of clothing/shoes that’s overly load. Well for ‘Made in America’, I decided to switch it up and go for a shoe that’s orange and has a bold print. These sandals were stunning and comfortable, easily one of my best festival shoes. 

The first night we actually decided to party, I overslept everyone left me by the way, I went with these. Oh so simple yet they have that ‘festive’ vibe to them. I really owned the night in these pair. 

I got the opportunity to shoot with Yvan Rodic before I left New York so I really wanted to stay true to my style; I shot in blue jeans, white shirt and a statement heel. So Iman. 

Ahhh my favourite pair of Stevies! They are so simple yet so elegant. They don’t have to try hard at all. I can wear this shoe with a gown and still wear it with jeans, that’s the versatility I love. I had to rock them when I watch Beyoncé, my choreography really only works in heels. LOL, I’m kidding.

Steve Madden needs to make 10 of these bags to last me a lifetime. I haven’t put this bag down since I got it before I left SA, you could say I’m abusing it at this stage. The style, the bold colour and the quality had me at hello. It’s insane how one bag can change your life, it literally makes me smile everytime I look at it. 

So if you looking for some festive shoes, I suggest you pop into the nearest Steve Madden so they can hook you up.

*Hair by Candi& Co