It’s the first ever Budget Thursday, I hope I haven’t disappointed you. I’m no stylist so I just put looks together using my personal style but you can definitely change it to accommodate your style. The pieces also work really great individually and/or together. The material also allows you to turn it from a day look into a night look, it would just require some accessories and a heel of sorts.

I paired the items up with a sneaker cause I don’t necessarily think wearing heels to varsity is a god idea, uzaz’sola. You don’t necessarily have to buy Puma sneakers plenty of shops with affordable sneakers even PQ in summer.

The top costs R70 and the pants R100, I’m a little more conservative now so I added the white t-shirt underneath but you can wear it without the t-shirt.

Total cost of outfit excluding shoes, R170. How’s that for budgeting?

Nails by: @candiandcosalon