I really like prints but also don’t enjoy overwhelming print. I often add one or two pieces of print in what I’m wearing so if you are like me, this is definitely for you.

  1. Denim and white shirt, what can say I’m predictable. The shirt is from Mr Price, jacket from Valentino, pants from Moschino and sneakers from Puma. I always say not everything you wear has to be an expensive brand; you can work with Mr Price and Legit, they both keep prints. Don’t buy things because somebody else has them, buy it because it fits your style.



It’s hot, loose and light fabric works for me during this season.

Ever needed to look like a lady but a lady with some edge? Try a printed shirt, courts and jeans. The shirt is Versace, jeans are from Forever21 (I ripped them myself) and the courts are from Kurt Geiger (can be purchased from Spitz). The colors are also feminine, so you could go for darker colors but I like this look when I’m trying add a feminine touch. I also am pro minimal jewelry, so I always keen it simple with a watch and basic studs.

As far as I’m concerned, white shirts and blue jeans can bring world peace (kidding) but it’s really hard to mess up this look. The shirt is from Mr Price, jeans are from Legit and the boots are from Cotton On, I think this entire outfit cost me less than 1000.

Tip: sales are where you’ll get some of the best pieces. I love sales, also cause I don’t enjoy wasting money in general.

All images were taken by: Cedric Nzaka. (@everydaypeoplestories)