1) What does it mean to have a personal brand?What does it entail?

Brands stand for a collective of beliefs and thoughts so for me having a personal brand is having build yourself to a point where you can have people identify with what you believe in. Whether you decide to commercialize that is then up to you and how strong that personal brand is. For instance my brand align with that of the MISS SA pageant and that is why I entered and have been chosen as a semi-finalist

2)You are a blogger, model, entrepreneur, & student among other things. How do you juggle all that?

It’s what women do, we juggle. What is important is time management and being determined about what it is you want. I still get it wrong many times but practice makes perfect.

3)How have you been able to find & network with people in various industries, especially some of the big names you have modeled or worked for?

It’s 2016, it’s as easy as following someone on social networks, the trick is to keep up with the times and make use of technology. When it comes to brands I’ve worked for I’m a go-getter and with over 6yrs of modeling experiences I’ve learnt to not fear rejection. I go for it and if it doesn’t work I simply move on to the next opportunity I see. It’s only failure if you stop trying.

4)Why is it important to start thinking about your personal brand while in school?

Opportunities don’t wait for you to finish school, unfortunately life doesn’t wait for anyone. You have to seize the moment or at least let it be a work in progress but do not simply ignore it. ‘ every blessing ignored becomes a curse’- the Alchemist.

5) You are running for Ms. South Africa. Tell us how you got into that and how it aligns with your goals?

I got into Miss SA to change perceptions I felt people had of the pageant – and it being just about beauty. A Miss SA is indeed a beautiful woman, but she is also a sensitive, incredibly smart, conscious leader who champions causes with kindness at the core. I am here to tell young woman not to let who they’ve defined by others when each of us has a great purpose to fulfill here. As a Pioneer Nation ambassador I look to assist women (and the youth) by teaching them how to set up small businesses to improve their quality of life. I got into Miss SA to change the perceptionI want to encourage them to invest in themselves and reach for their wildest dreams because they are possible. I hope my journey can be a testament to that.

6) Your studies are in the sciences, but much of your brand is around fashion & beauty & you have a construction company. How do you reconcile all those?

I don’t, I just compartmentalize my life. It comes down to prioritizing, what do you want from life and how will what you are doing help you achieve it.

7) What advice would you give to students trying establish their brands?

Stay true to yourself. When you know who you are and what you want it makes the goal easier to obtain. Research and also engage with people who share the same interests as you. Don’t allow anyone to break you down just to blanket their insecurities, believe in yourself.